Conner or ekeler?

Hi guys would you trade conner and jefferson for ekeler? 7 team league so teams are fairly stacked 2 qb 4wr 3 rb league. My team is currently:

QBS: herbert burrows cam
WR: allen, dk, d hop diontae higgins jefferson michael pitman
RBS: Conner, Robinson, Mostert, Gibson, Cook
Te: Taysom hockenson
DST: steelers
K koo

My thoughts are can Conner be trusted when i can pick up a high ceiling ekeler. What do you guys think?

Absolutely not, way too much, still no set time on Ekeler coming back. Personally way too expensive with Jefferson in the deal, and I wouldn’t do it Conner straight up either.

^^ agreed word for word.

Thanks for the help guys i will add that trades in this league seem to require crazy value because of the fact everyones squads are stacked. In another question would you start conner or robinson tonight?