Conner or Melvin for Kelce?

Full ppr, was offered either Melvin or Conner straight up for Kelce. Here’s the rest of my team. Am in 2nd place, so keeping an eye on playoff schedules.

This is a rough one, what kind of TEs can you possibly use to replace Kelce? I don’t think I’d do straight up for them but if I had to pick between them I would go for Conner simply because he has a slightly easier playoff schedule than Melvin Gordon and I wouldn’t be a fan of starting two RBs from the same team. Though Melvin does seem to be coming back to last seasons form. It all depends if you have or can get a suitable starter to replace Kelce. Otherwise I would just keep Kelce.

I have Hunter Henry. See my roster above.

My bad, I didn’t see that

I went for it. Getting Conner for Kelce. Helps out both of our teams. Will probably see each other in the playoffs.

Awesome! Best of luck the rest of the year!

Thank you!