Conner or Michel

1/2 PPR. Have concerns with both backs.
Conner- hasn’t received the touches the last few weeks.
Michel- Burkhead returning this week. Backfield could turn into a 3 headed monster.

Wow, that is actually a tough choice. I think i would give the edge to Conner to bounce back.

Although, I do think Sony is the best back in New England running the ball and I think it showed in the Jet’s game that when he ripped off those big runs, that offense really started clicking. I think Burkhead is going to help White rest up a little bit because they have been using him way more than he usually does and it would be best for the Patriots to have him at full strength come playoff time.

I’d go Conner. He’s the #1 guy in Pit and doesn’t have to share with White and possibly Burkhead, As a Steelers fan I wish he’d fix his drops/fumble issues because it’s already cost them 2 games this year and almost a 3rd against Jax 2 weeks ago. He lost you points on an easy 20 yd receiving TD there.

Go with Conner, we know he’s the work horse for better or worse

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Il think conner pulls it together and ends the season with force. I dont think burkhead will take a lot of work from Sony. You coule go either was and have great results.

I think it’s Conner easily. He hasn’t been getting the most touches lately, but it’s somewhat of a common thing with the Steelers to start throwing the ball more weeks 10-14. Idk if it’s a strategy they have to try to keep players healthy for playoffs by not having to dig the trenches every other play or what, but Conner should start getting the touches more come playoffs. If not by carries, by targets forsure.

Sony, he is just never healthy. If not for that he would be killing it. Pats love ramming him all day which keeps the old man safe. Burkehead I don’t see him doing much. He is also a walking infirmary and more of insurance at this point. Maybe a few token touches but he won’t be stealing any thunder.