Conner Owners.**

.5PPR. Conner Owners. Who are you going to try and trade for? Would you try and trade for David Johnson?

Conner owners have to pretty much ride the rest of their roster or pair Conner + WR to get a RB at this point. As a DJ owner i am completely disapointed in DJ’s performance this season.I’m also not ignorant enough to sell him for a 1 week rental which is what Conner is now known as. Conner’s value is someone trying to buy a win this week and getting a WR in return for whatever RB they sell.

As a Conner owner, you either have to deal him off for a rising RB in a RBBC, trade him to a team trying to buy a win, or trade for Bell to secure that backfield. I’m trying to get Bell atm.

I had a solid core of RBs other than Connor, so I traded him and Alshon Jeffery to the Bell owner (who is 1-3) for Juju SS. See if the Bell owner is needy, otherwise you may still be able to sell him for something decent just based off this last game.

I was lucky enough to trade him and Doug baldwin last week for drew brees. But he had a horrible receiving core and too many qb

I am also the Leveon owner, i just want to know if i should risk trading him …Not knowing if he will remain the starter.