Conner pickup

Current bell owner, I can pick up conner , but need to drop someone debating between chris Hogan or t.y Hilton???

Do you not have lesser options??? I wouldn’t drop either of those

Wtf. You definitely have better drop options than 2 WR2s.

I already have hopkins, davante Adams and marquise Goodwin. I have a total of 5 receivers.

How do you not have other RBs to drop. I would also drop goodwin before I dropped either Hogan or Hilton.

My other RBs are McCaffrey and mark Ingram

I’m so confused. Do you not have bench players or something? Or is your team only 12 players?

I do have a bench.

So, other than Ingram Bell and McCaffrey you don’t have any other RBS? In that case, if you HAVE to drop someone, I’d drop Hogan. Hilton could be a lock for the rest of the season if Luck can stay healthy and Hogan, while good, will take a hit once Edelman gets healthy.

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How may QBs, TEs, DSTs and Kickers do you have? If you’re doubled up on any of those let one go for Conner.

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Can you post your full roster please What you’ve listed above makes no sense. It doesn’t add up unless your full roster size is like 12.

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Yea I need to see your roster. But I would drop Goodwin if those truly are all your players

Yeah, Goodwin if that’s truly all you got