Conner to Bell Owner? How much is he worth now?

Bell owner offered Lockett & James White for Conner which i am looking to counter. I am looking at his roster but have you ever wanted to do a trade but there’s nothing on their roster that jumps out? I might want to package something else in to get Gronk but other than that, maybe i’m missing value here?

His Roster:

RB - Bell, D.Freeman, Coleman, White
WR - DT, Hogan, Sanders, Edelman, Agholor, Lockett, Gallup
TE - Gronk

My Roster:
RB - Barkley, Gordon, Michel, Conner, Gillislee
WR - Evans, Fitz, Jones Jr, Kupp, Shepard, Hurns, Godwin
TE - Walker

Charge him more than that. I just posted about this but you’re roster is pretty strong on RBs, weaker at WR but still decent. I just hate having Evans as the WR1, especially since you also own Godwin. You basically cuff yourself cause you’re never starting both.

He is pretty damn desperate at RB. He legit only has 1 starter if Bell holds out for longer than 2 weeks cause White is useless once Michel comes back. I would charge him the maximum.

Try and take Evans + Conner + Walker and get his Gronk + Gallup/Lockett or something.

I offered another owner Evans & Shepard for M. Thomas but he hasn’t responded yet so do I cancel that one and go for this chance to upgrade to Gronk or keep it?

I doubt you’ll get MT. Shoot lower and go for Gronk. That’s what I would personally do.

That trade you offered is a joke tbh.

I really dont think its worth trading with this team at all. Hes not giving up gronk, and if Conner turns out to have a great week one itll drive up his value somewhere else. Or you’ll have a solid 3 rbs incase one goes down.