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Conner Trade Offer


I was offered Landry and Ekeler for my Conner and Boyd… is this a fair trade in light of the Bell news? Standard scoring.

It feels like I am giving up a lot for Landry, but am I actually getting a good deal (Landry for Boyd, I don’t care much for ekeler) if Conner only plays 2 more weeks? After this week, Landry has 5 straight matchups where he can put up big numbers.


Take it and run. What are you giving up for Landry? You think Boyd is better than Landry? That’s insane man. Conner is a rental for 3 more weeks. Once Bell returns, Conner is back to bench warming.

This is a very good deal for Landry side.

Hell Ekeler probably has more value season long than Conner.


No that’s what I’m saying, if Conner only plays 2-3 weeks then I essentially traded Boyd for Landry which is a great deal. But will Bell really come back?

Also, I’m playing this owner this week and he wants Conner for our matchup. Don’t think this should change my decision though.

I think the owner is willing to move Landry because he’s got OBJ and Hill starting, and has had Jeffery stashed on his bench. So they aren’t to worried to give up Landry for conners short term.


At the latest, Bell has to come back by week 10. Which means either way, best case scenario Conner will give you 6 more weeks of production.


Six weeks is pretty significant. He can almost be a league-winner lol. I guess this is what’s making my think twice. But I’ll get potentially big numbers from Landry for 5 weeks (chargers, TB, Steelers, KC, Atlanta) so I think I will just do it and move on. Got Conner for nothing anyways.

I also have Mixon, Howard, Breida, Michel, Coleman


You can’t be a league winner if you’re not in a starting line up during playoffs lol. Doesn’t work like that.

Landry has some juicy matchups coming up. I know that cause I just bought baker in my superflex. After these next 2 weeks, it’s nothing but daylight all the way to playoffs.


Lmao damn that is true. I guess I meant he can help get me to the playoffs, but Landry will too. And then some.


Do you think the Steelers will trade bell when he comes back?


No. It’s hard for a team to trade for bell cause at this point, no one can sign him to a LT contract so he will become a FA in the offseason anyway. Would be dumb for a team to give up a 2nd or 3rd round pick only to lose him to FA next season.


Unless they do some kind of sign and trade… but it definitely would be difficult.

Another point is that while Conner had a stellar first game, he has fallen off a bit the last 3. Something like 97 yards on 32 attempts. Plus with their current record the Steelers could definitely use Bell.

I’m going to try and see if he will accept Conner for Landry 1 for 1 lol.


I really think week 1 was a statement game (we don’t need Bell) with his 31 carries and 5 catches for 2 touchdowns. After that his usage/ performance has definitely dropped.


Is the offer from the Bell owner?


They can’t do a sign and trade under the rules. The Steelers can give Bell more money under the franchise tag for the rest of the season if they want to but they can’t do any sort of an extension or new deal.

Conner is averaging 3.6 per carry but has been someone you could start based on volume. He’s never been Bell and shouldn’t be looked at as such, but he’s higher ranked in PPR than someone like Hyde that has had a pretty good season so far 4.7 per carry and a td+ every week, just few catches.


This is not possible. Deadline has passed. No team can sign or give bell an extension. He’s basically playing out his franchise tag no matter what and hitting FA.


Nope, not the bell owner. I think he feels comfortable at WR and is willing to get a short term rb1. He’s also playing me this week and I think my team has the advantage right now.


I’m in the same boat, trying to deal off Conner now, don’t feel comfortable with the risk. Luckily i’m 4-0. Thinking of dealing Conner and Golladay or John Brown for either Davante Adams or Evans and Coleman. I have Julio and M. Gordon as my studs with Kerryon, Drake waiting to be unleashed by their off. coordinators :frowning:


That window has closed. Smart people aren’t buying conner right now. Your only chance is to try and deal to the teams who are 0-4 who need wins desperately right now.

Why the would someone give you the better receiver and the better long term rb? This trade makes no sense. Wouldn’t even given you Just adams or evans for Conner + Golladay/brown. Even though I do love both Kenny G and Smokey J.


The owner of Adams/Evans/Coleman is 0-4. Which is why I’m looking to target those players


I get that, but why would someone who is 0-4 give you the better player in each exchange? How does that help them win? Like when you target 0-4 teams, you need to propose trades that make sense still.


I think u can get Tevin Coleman but I think Golladay is better… I don’t think you can get Adams or Evans especially with Winston coming back