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Conner Trade Offer


Also how did this thread get moved forums lol


Was selling Conner for Landry too low? Lol


I drafted Conner in all leagues. Bell in none. I am a Pittsburgh native. I think Bell might still get traded. Trading Conner last week wasn’t ideal as he blew up this week and now there’s that lingering “what if I could have gotten more for him?” feeling. I’m very torn this week on the trade or stash debate.


No. You sold high and bought low. I expected Conner to have a big game here. Falcons sucks vs the RB. Well they really suck vs everything but specifically vs pass catching RBs. Conner owners should just be happy this week gives you another sell high opportunity. Now we’re going to go back to the more mediocre conner we’ve seen in the last 3/4 weeks before Bell comes back and he sees the bench. In no way was this a sell low. You got a season long starter who leads his team in targets with arguably the best slate of matchups coming up.

There is virtually zero % chance of this happening. No one is going to pay a 2nd or 3rd rounder for Bell when he can just walk in free agency this off season. The teams that would be willing to pay that draft price, are bad teams who won’t make playoffs so doesn’t make sense to give up so much draft capital for a rental. And the teams that are good already have RBs / don’t need a star rb to win (i.e. pats, rams, etc.). And Steelers are going to make playoffs so having Bell for the second half of the season is worth more to them in order to contend vs getting some crappy late round dart throw.

Here’s my personal approach to trades:

It’s always better to get out a step early than a step too late. Just ask the Ridley owners who sold vs those who decided to hold one more week for a “good matchup”. This is more relevant in dynasty but I think it holds in redraft as well. I urge you to sell conner still to get anything of value. You’ll feel much better about it by seasons end.


Yea I agree.

The reason I was able to sell Conner last week was because of this upcoming falcon game; anyone that was interested absolutely wanted him for this game.

Of course, I knew what I was giving up this week for the LT; it just stings harder since the guy I traded too might now win this week against me hahahaha check out these scores:


Oh yikes. That’s painful. Your team still did really well though. If you can edge out this W, would be sweet. Even if you don’t depending on what you received, still better for you in the long run.


Managed to edge out the win thanks to Ingram taking all the touches away from kamara. Also have Lutz which helped kick me just over. Happy with the outcome now lol.


The clock is ticking… but it is looking like keeping Conner was a good move