Conner Trade Talk - My League Vetoed the trade

So my league just Vetoed a trade that I attempted to make because they believe it was not fair to me. I am in desperation mode for running backs right now, Ingram is still suspended, Mixon is injured, Aaron Jones is part of a 3 headed monster and Chris Carson is part of a team that hates good running backs…

I just traded Odell Beckham and Aaron Jones for James Conner and Mike Williams. Half PPR.

This is a keeper league where you give up one round ahead of where they were drafted, or a 15th rounder for a waiver pick (Conner and Williams).

The league FREAKED out when this trade was proposed as they believe I am giving up way too much for two unproven talents. They eventually vetoed the trade and forced us to renegotiate.

Do you feel this is not a balanced trade? My opinion is that James Conner is a #1 back this year assuming bell doesn’t come back and he is an amazing keeper value either way because the Steelers won’t sign him next year. Mike Williams is also the future number 1 with the chargers and breaking out as we speak.

The team that i’m trading with is incredibly stacked at RB since they kept Kamara so this does give them a powerhouse team which i believe is the reason people are vetoing.

I get that it’s more of a gamble but is this a veto worthy trade?

Gee, seems like a reasonable return for someone desperate for a RB. Hard to support trade vetoes unless collusion was suspected or something so one-sided that it would hurt the league. A WR1 for a RB1 doesn’t seem that one-sided to me.


Appreciate the feedback. It seemed like their biggest grief was that Conner is unproven and will be a 6th round pick next year at best…

boooo terrible use of the veto system


Veto’s should be disabled. It’s your team. You get to make the decision’s weather they are right or wrong. You paid the money to manage it as you see fit. I have seen so many trades that I and we as a league thought we lopsided that ended up being the great moves. The only time a trade should be vetoed is if there is collusion. Veto’s are mickey mouse kids league BS.

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6th round? He has been ranked consistently inside the top ten (at worst top 15) RBs all season. He will be a Round 2 draft pick at the very worst.

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BOOOO find a new league…that is poor use of the veto system.
I can understand that maybe people are just pissed because this guy has a stacked team and they are being sore losers…it’s your team and you should be able to make the moves you want unless, as was previously stated, collusion.
If your trade brings your team from being a bottom feeder to middle of the pack team and doesn’t screw you over for the future (keeper league) then it is a good trade for you; if it happens to make the #1 team a little stronger, well that’s unfortunate but it is what it is.
Especially in keeper and dynasty leagues, trades are often made that strengthen a team now but the other end of the trade gains future value (I.e. draft picks or rising stars).
I’m not saying that I love your end of the trade here, but definitely not veto worthy.

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I’d threaten to drop all my players and quit if they vetoe’d that trade. that’s a legit trade!

Take it to Fantasy Court!!

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