Conner trade to bell owner

Thoughts on trading Conner to Bell owner for Ingram. My current RB’s are Conner, M. Gordon, Lynch, Burkhead, Kerryon and Alf. Was thinking I could ride it out with Gordon, Lynch and Burkhead until Ingram returns with hope he will be solid right out the gate.

Bell owner doesn’t have RB depth…Hyde, Breida, and Ingram. He needs a starter. I would like to steal Thielen or Josh Gordon as I just have Julio, Baldwin and Cole as my WR’s


As an Ingram and bell owner I didn’t take that offer when I got it. Ingram has more value than a guy who will just ride the bench when bell comes back. It also depends on how desperate the bell owner is. But the most likely trade would probably end with you getting Gordon. I also just snagged Conner for DionLewis.

Bell owner actually said yes to the Ingram trade yesterday. I was just feeling out if it would make sense to take that deal with the suspension and what role Ingram would return to…or push for a WR given my lack of depth and Baldwin injury lingering. I do have Cole who could have some great games.