Conner Trade. What can I get?

A team in my league autodrafted 3 QBs (Smith, Luck & Rivers). Looking to pick up a Stafford insurance policy. Also, I lost Baldwin this week and only have D Adams.

Would you trade James Conner + WR2 (Enunwa, Kupp, etc.) for one of those QBs + Stephon Diggs or Funchess (they have Beckham & Hill)? Or, should I offer someone like a Jordan Howard or Ajayi (I also have Kamara) and get a high WR1?

Standard League

You’re not getting any of that. some guy offered me Conner for Mixon and my counter was Mixon + Robby Anderson for Hopkins and Dalvin just to prove how ridiculous that offer was. if we knew bell wouldn’t play then conner has value, but he could be on the goodwill shelf if bell comes back in 2 weeks.

I know, I am not sure it’s a good move. I just don’t know if a QB for Conner is a fair trade in my direction. Would you trade any of those guys for Conner?

Or how about a Smith or Rivers for Powell trade?