Conner trade!

Someone offered me my james conner for his gronk. 0.5 ppr. I should accept this right ? My other rbs are CMC , sony Michel, aaron jones, TJ Yeldon

Take it and run bro. Take it run.

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Yes wow …

Hell No. James Conner is the man in P{ittsburgh. Gronk has been trending down. No way we would budge with COnner for Gronk. Hell no

Ah yes, the dude with the bad takes. I was wondering where you’ve been all this time man. Been missing you on these forums. No one to balance out logic and reason with scorching hot takes.

First game with a full offense, Gronk went 6 for 7 for 75 yards. Got tackled and fumbled like 1 yard shy of the goal line. Also was a game where patriots basically blew out the colts so wasn’t even much need to pass. They can no longer double/triple team gronk with Gordon/edelman in line up. Gronk will be a stud from here on out unless he gets injured.

James Conner has 2 blow up games, and a bunch of mediocrity in between. Averaging 2.1 ypc in 2/5 games behind one of the best Olines in the league. Not to mention he is about to get sent back to the bench upons Bell’s return so you basically have a 2 week rental.

2 week rental RB for one of the best TEs in the league. Give me Gronk all day.

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Yes take gronk!

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He just changed the trade to michel for gronk and now I am not so sure about it…

Who else u have on RB and TE?

Yeah take Gronk. Conner could end up being the main guy in Pitt all year but at this time there is no way to say that happens and it’s more likely it doesn’t.

Mike he has looked bad at times but he is also leading the league in forced missed tackles. Does that mean to you that the oline at pit has taken a step back or is it just in experience with him hitting the wrong hole, etc? He looked fantastic this week but ATL’s defense is Swiss cheese.