Conner Value

With Bell not being at camp, preseason games or practice what kind of value would you expect from Conner? Looking to trade him with M Jones Jr. for another WR or RB

I expect Connor to be good for only a few games this year. Obviously week 1 and a week or two down the stretch if Bell gets hurt. That being said, some people are high on Jones Jr. so you may be able to offer the Bell owner those two for a better wide or a decent mid round RB. IMO

If you can move a backup/handcuff and another player for a higher caliber player I’d do it. You’re getting insane value for a guy that may not even play.

Bell owner wouldn’t reply to my offers so I sent Conner, M Jones and Agholor for T Hilton and S Watkins…thoughts?

Not a terrible trade at all. Personally I would of held on to him. I think the Steelers get to a point where they just say they have had enough of Lev Bell and move on with Conner

I kinda thought the same too but I already have Gordon and Zeke as rb plus Burkhead and K Johnson (that better pan out like the Jason says) so that’s why I went wr.