Conner's Value?

With the game Conner put out what would you say his value is in Standard? Looking to figure out a good trade suggestion to the Lev Bell owner. They are desperate at RB (McCoy, Riddick, R Jones, D Martin)

Potential targets:
Golden Tate
Marvin Jones
Jimmy Graham

I am comfortable at starting RB with Kamara, Howard and Ajayi. Davante Adams and Doug Baldwin are the starting WRs. My TE is Njoku.

You can get more, than any of those players. Especially after this game. Sell high, and charge the max. Go get a WR1.

Or, would you consider doing a Jimmy Graham + Jones sandwich? Just thinking through it.

No lol. Jimmy Graham sucks. I would want a low end WR1.

Just throwing it out there. After today’s preformance I sure other owners might be interested in trading for Conner.

Went up drastically. He’s a much better pass catcher than i’ve seen so far. Also, Cleveland run D is super legit. And Steelers clearly aren’t scared to use him. 30+ touches. That’s like RB1 value.

There is a team with Hopkins, Allen, and Thielen with their best RBs being Lewis and Drake. Think I can get Allen?

Doubt it. Unless he also owns Bell. I was thinking a lower tier WR1.

The lev bell owner is the one I originally posted the WRs for. I have Doug Baldwin so need a solid WR. Also my only TE is Njoku so I could upgrade there.

Yeah I mean, no harm in trying. I personally wouldn’t give up allen for Conner. But if he’s desparate at RB, he might do it. maybe you add on alittle piece .

Sorry I meant these receivers.

I would not trade Conner for any of those guys. And Jimmy Graham is not a receiver. And you saw what he was today. A TD or bust guy. Has been for years and will be for remainder of the year. I want zero shares of jimmy graham.

Yes, I know Graham is not a WR. But he is one who receives. Thanks for your thoughts.