Connor @ 01.05/ Draft grade?

Did the inaugural draft for my new competitive re-draft superflex league. I had the 5th pick and was really hoping somebody would take Mahomes before me and let me get one of those top 4 RBs. Unfortunately, that didnt happen so I was faced with a tough decision. I really wanted to go heavy RB early so it came down to DJ and Connor for me. In the end I went with Connor, mostly because that Arizona O-Line looks atrocious.

All in all I am quite happy with my roster. The WR available after taking 4 RBs weren’t as strong as in my mocks, as my leaguemates didn’t spend any early picks on QB. I think that me picking up Luck in the 7th off an insjury scare could be the steal of the draft, supposing Luck can get right.

Thanks for sharing - I’m facing a 5th pick this weekend and am mentally struggling to the point of thinking WR. I’ve been landing Sony in a number of my Mocks. Good luck w/ … well Luck :slight_smile: