Connor/Marvin Jones for Baldwin

What do you guys thing in .5 PPR of trading Connor and Marvin Jones to the Bell owner for Doug Baldwin?

I dont know… Im sketched out with Baldwin and I think you could ransom more than Baldwin for just Conner let alone throwing Jones in the mix… if Jones and Conner are both bench players then its more palatable… but its still week 1… injuries will happen. Dont stretch yourself too thin.

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I agree. You might be able to try Conner for Doug, straight up. If not, maybe include a lesser piece than Marvin.

I would try Conner for Baldwin first. If that doesn’t go, I’d wait before sending any other offers. There’s still a possibility that Bell doesn’t return. If that happens, Conner will be and RB2.

I would just try to trade Conner for Baldwin, Marvin Jones is the #1 on the Lions and has big PPR upside. And i feel like Marvin Jones is a bit better then Baldwin.