Connor predicament

If the Connor injury isn’t too bad and he comes back soon, would you guys just hold on to him because he’s been great when healthy, excluding week 1 and 3, and add Samuels for insurance or trade him for someone more durable, and who could I target?

I have connor and im gonna hold him unless hes out for like 3 or more weeks, but i also have carson. We’ll have to see but I’ve been very happy with his production, i think you could flip him for bell or mack if he misses time best case, more if he doesnt miss time

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He’s been pretty awesome considering big Ben isn’t there it’s just the questionable health dance I have to do every week that scares me, Coleman, Jacobs and Sanders are my other rbs, but I’m hoping he doesn’t miss any time

Most of Conner’s value this year has been tied to the passing game minus a couple of games here since Samuels has been out. Samuels is expected back this week and probably will lead the unit unless Conner gets some great news on the shoulder.

If Conner gets a positive sounding update, I would try to deal him if possible for someone like Le’Veon Bell who has a GREAT stretch run/playoff schedule.

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I like Bell but being on the jets scare me lol but I agree, the injury sound too serious so far so I can possibly try and shop him