Connor Trade Time?

Is now the time to trade Connor? Right now I could sell Connor and Amari for Hyde and Hilton. I should do this right? Unless somehow Bell gets traded, Connors value is only going to decrease. Thanks

I would definitely do this. I believe you should trade Conner right now for anything startable rest of year, because I believe in the Bell return rumors. Hyde fits that bill. And on top of that, you also get to upgrade your wr, so seems like that hedges the risk even more.

Definitely do this. Hilton is a buy low candidate for me right now. I’ve seen more than enough from Luck for me to trust him ROS. He almost carried a band of misfits over brady led pats in fox. Can’t wait for Hilton to come back. Now that my prior buy low candidates are not longer possible (AB, OBJ), Hilton is my current top target in leagues.