Consensus with drafting at the turn

Hey all, could use some team think here. 10 Team .5 PPR keeper league. I’m drafting at the 9 spot, have been doing a lot of live mock drafts and I’ve noticed two consistent patterns:

  1. I can get Julio with my 1.09 pick 90% of the time
  2. I can get Connor with my 1.09 pick 90% of the time

I’d say it is 50/50 if Bell falls to me, and slightly lower if Adams falls to me.
The past few drafts I’ve actually been able to get Connor, then Bell for RB1/2. Then with my 3rd and 4th pick I’ve gotten usually a Thielen/Locket for my WR1/2. A few times I’ve even gone Freeman/Carson for my 3rd, then Thielen for 4th.

When I’ve gone WR/WR It has been usually Julio/JuJu. Then I get a combo of Freeman/Fourtnette/Jacobs/Carson with my 3rd and 4th picks.

I’m curious which route you would all take? If Adams falls to me then it is a no brainer, I’m going WR/WR. But in the event the above two options are available, which would you take? I personally don’t like RB/WR with first two.

Also drafting 9 out of 10 (standard). I am deciding between the best WR (either Adams, Jones) at 1.9 and maybe Cook at 2.2 or Hill or JuJu is they are there. Then getting RBs at 3.9 and WR2 at 4.2. Hoping RBs like Jones, Mack, Carson, Jacobs or even Fournette and Freeman are there.

I might go WR at 2.2 if I don’t like the RB there… not interested in Bell or Conner.

You bring up a good way of looking at it I think. Not only “What combo do I think is best at the start, but what talent level tends to be higher at end of 3rd, start of 4th? WR or RB?”

For me, I think the combo of Fourtnette, Freeman, Carson, Jacobs is a higher tier of point potential than the WRs in that same range…

Crap, maybe I’m talking myself into my first draft ever of going WR/WR…