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Considering a ridiculous trade


It’s me asking, but I have depth in RB and am getting nothing out of Murray and Cooper. Would you trade them for Mike Evans and A. Thielen. Someone dropped Crabtree I’m going to try and pick up before Sunday, but this league I’m hurting in.


Talk about rage drop…Idk you RB situation, but if it’s not dire I would say yes. You’re giving up an okay RB2/WR3 for a top WR1 and WR2


Yeah it’s not dire…I don’t think. I have Keenan Allen, DT on bye, Devante Parker. and RB I’ve got McCoy, C.J., D. Martin, Cohen and Gillislee. So with Murray and Cooper, I’m cool making that trade since I need depth at WR anyways.

Yeah…a bit of a rage trade, but I’m 0-4 mainly due to them. just can’t do it…


I’m talking about rage dropping Crabtree. Your backs are good not great, so I would go ahead and do this trade. You don’t really have that elite talent on your roster and Evans gives you that


Yeah I don’t understand dropping Crabtree