Considering Offering this trade

12 team Half point PPR 2x QB… He lost D.Johnson last week

My Team
QB= Palmer, Mariota, Kizer
RB= Gordon, Gurley, Montgomery, Martin, Cohen
WR= Evans, Diggs, Pryor, Garcon
TE= Henry, Clay

His Team
QB= Prescott, Bortles, McCown
RB= E.Elliot, J.Rodgers, G.Bernard, M.Fortte (D.Johnson on bench but hurt)
WR= T.Hill, A.Cooper, D.Thomas, C.Coleman
TE= D.Walker, A.Gates

He’s really hurting for RB… I’m thinking about offering him Palmer + Pryor + RB… for Prescott + T.Hill (QBs are very scarce in our league)… He says doesnt wanna trade hill and offered Cooper instead…

What trade options do you think we have here… Am I offering the right RB?.. It sounds like we both wanna work out a trade we just need to figure out the pieces…
Any help would be amazing thanx Foot Clan you guys are the best

I’d try with Martin Dak and cooper is a good pick up palmer is over the hill.

I wanna try martin but hes still 3 weeks away and they guy im trading with is looking for help now… so im very sure he wont accept a trade with martin… But that was my 1st thought too

I would trade Palmer, Pryor, and Gurley or Martin. I am not big on gurley and martin should be good but you have to wait and see. I would only do it for hill though

Yeah… Im not very big on Cooper I would like Hill in the trade… And Gurley or Martin are the only 2 i’m really eager to get rid of while I still can… something about Cooper scares me and I dont know why