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Considering Trading 1st Pick - Advice



I was hoping to get some logic on a trade that has been offered to me. We are in a hybrid keeper (1 year tag rule, lose that round for player kept, max 1 player) and I have the 2nd overall pick, but the first pick already has a tag on it made several years ago (AP!). I was offered the #7 overall pick + the #17 overall pick for the #2 overall pick + the #50 overall pick. I will be tagging DeMarco Murray for a 3rd rounder and already have Gronk tagged for a 4th rounder.

Do I make this trade, sacrificing David Johnson at #2 for a Tier2 RB at #7 and two Tier2/3 WRs in the 2nd?

Hypotethically, my team would look like this pre-trade versus post-trade:

David Johnson
Brandin Cooks
DeMarco Murray
Rob Gronkowski
Donte Moncrief

LeSean McCoy
Amari Cooper
Brandin Cooks
DeMarco Murray
Rob Grownkowski

If I do this trade, I sacrifice the ability to do a one-year tag on DJ even if I don’t have the first round pick.