Contending Draft Picks Tips?

I know that people get super hyped about the rookies but most in the late 2nd and 3rd rounders rarely pan out am I better off trading my 3rds and maybe even my 2nds to get more depth on my team? I’m super stacked besides my bench it’s weak. So would giving up 2 3rds for a guy like Fitz be smart to add some depth or should I take the shot that one of those rookies hit?

Find the owners that value those future picks. They can be a good way to upgrade your team.

my point of this years draft/Rookie draft picks

  • draft class not really strong at all
  • beside of Jacobs / Harry (most likely 1.01/1.02) no real good landingspots
  • you can hit with the later as much as the 1st rounders

so if i dont have the 1.01/1.02 (or Maybe 1.03 for sanders) i would trade my first round picks to add really good pieces or Depth and pick with the later!

I like Campbell but yeah I think this draft class is not the best for fantasy

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