Contenplating trading down

I have the 1.02 in my rookie draft. I have gotten some interesting offers, and will likely continue to entertain offers until I am on the clock.

One such offer involved the 1.07 and 1.11. Other offers have involved mid 1st round picks and a flex level skill player (i.e 1.06+damien williams). I do need help at RB more than i do receiver, but as the Jimmy G owner, having 2 mid/late picks intrigues me to be able to grab deebo without reaching, and either flip the later 1st, or draft fant or hock.

I guess the question is do you get the skill player you need now, or draft an asset you could flip down the line? I have pick 2.04 so i figure i can nab an rb there.

RB are Mixon, Mack, Drake, Foreman, mckissic.
TE are Henry, Uzomah.

If you trade down and land Hockenson and another solid player is probably the angle to go

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That was my thoughts. I wouldn’t be upset with a later TE either if both or all 3 of the big names get nabbed earlier

Depending on when your draft is, you might want to hold. Jacobs could become the 1.02 if Harry was picked first. Although with the Crow coming in for an unscheduled landing… Jacobs could become the uncontested 1.01 of dynasty rookie drafts.


Have some newer offers as the landscape has changed.
D. Adams+1.05 for Evans+1.02
Ridley+1.09 for 1.02

I’m already invested in multiple raider players, and wouldn’t see myself drafting jacobs

Prefer Adams to Evans but prefer Evans and Harry to Adams and 5 pick… and prefer taking Harry over Ridley and a later 1 where Hockenson will probably be gone. If you’re wanting to trade out of the 2… package for Ertz, Kelce or Kittle. While liking Adams over Evans… wouldn’t surprise anyone if Evans had a better year.

Fair assesment. They guy I am dealing with is shallow at TE as is and the guys with a Big 3 TE, are either pick 1, or dont have a 1st.
thanks for input.
I am personally bearish on adams yardage totals, with Allison back as a #2 guy, he could regress back there. This was the first time he has broken 1,000 yards in his career.

If you need WR help… Harry seems like a solid add. Adams is solid, as is Evans… the difference between the 2 is eh… DJax and Humphries are gone from TB. One could argue Evans poised for a bigger season given them not drafting any RB or WR