Continuous Waiver Period

Hi everyone it’s possible to set up an ESPN League with this format, I want to change my league this way and FAAB as well.

But I don’t know if it’s possible.

Thanks for your help

Yes it is…our league currently has it in espn

Oh really? How did you do it? Can you help me? I can’t see the option

This tab is found under LM tools/Transactions + Keepers/

Red- is where you select auction with your continuous option on

Purple- is where you set the days you want it to process with the time… We do every day but Tuesday allows every one to get a chance to check options after a big week and set to 12pm we are all est coast time so like it to process 1 hour before games start on Sunday.

Blue- is the budget amount we run…some do 200 and others do 1000 to help prevent ties going to priority.

Below the blue if you go to FAAB set 0$ bids so you league is always active even if the teams use up their budget.

Thank you so much, I’ll check it out!

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