Continuous waiver Setting- Yahoo

What day should I process waivers on Yahoo?
I was thinking Wed, Thur,Fri,Sat, and Sunday.

This allows people who missed Sunday/Monday games to have a chance to review and make a bids which will process Wed and the rest of the week.

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This is how I setup my home league. I only run waivers once and then people are free agents, unless you are going after somebody that was dropped through regular waivers. And I am starting this league using FAAB because I have been so screwed in the past. I also allow pretty any trade to go through within reason and push them through immediately, and allow for draft pick trading.

Thanks @Both_Barrels_Blazing,
The problem with your setting is that with players becoming Free Agents, it’s first come first serve. Meaning we have guys in the league that are out in the field and don’t have internet and will NEVER have the chance to pick players if big news comes out.


Interesting. Then maybe run waivers as often as you need to in order to be fair based on the rest of the league member needs. Ensure to bump this up for others to opine…