Continuous Waivers Issues/Help

My league switched to continuous waivers this season. However, we’ve run into an issue with it. It is set to where if you want to claim a player, you must bid for them each day and then they will be on your roster the next morning. How do I go about changing it to where an owner can claim last minute waivers from free agency on game day, Sunday and Monday?

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We switched to this as well this year in our league.

I also wondered about that last minute Sun/Mon pick-up.

I think it would depend on platform. On ESPN I don’t think it’s possible. So, gotta plan for backups.

We did have our commish do a last minute trade right before Sun Night football b/c of the James White thing.

But I think it’s gotta be though of like injuries. You might just be clucked.

Gonna follow this message, cause I would be interested in solutions as well.

I have basically turned off waiver claims for Tuesday, that we everybody has a buffer day between the Monday night game, and waivers on Wednesday. Also, waivers were running at 6 am, so I changed it to 11 am, that way you could at least make a claim last minute Sunday morning if you needed to. The unfortunate thing about the ESPN platform is that you have to set waivers to run at the same time everyday that waivers can be claimed.

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