Continuous waivers strategy

In a league where we use continuous waivers I am already towards the bottom because I’ve made a move since the draft. I don’t have a kicker (dropped him to get D. Westbrook), and will obviously want to get a kicker before the season starts. Would it be worth dropping a stash player to add a kicker sooner in order to move up the waiver order before week 1?


Nope. That waiver order is only used as a tie-breaker. If you are the only one putting in a claim on Tues. Then you’ll still get your guy.

Right but im saying if i was going for a big pick up, for example a RB1 gets hurt and his handcuff is still available and everyone will be putting that claim in, would be largely beneficial to be in the top spot after week 1


This is ultimately why most would say FAAB is a better system. In your system, do you resent the order each week?

I’ll say in any league where FAAB was not employed, I have not once concerned myself with waiver priority. I pick up people when I need/want.

I think the order is just whoever has not made a claim. So if you are priority 1 you will stay there until you make a claim, it could be 16 weeks…

And I agree and use faab in other leagues but I’m not in the power to change that.

I’ve never concerned myself either and was wondering if anyone did.