Contract League Rookie Auction/Draft Question

Hey Footballers!

So I am in a dynasty/contract fantasy football league. Currently, there is a massive discrepency between the studs and the average players. Some stars such as Julio Jones, David Johnson, and Antonio Brown have salaries of at or around $300 ($1,000 budget), but some of the more average players come at a great deal such as Adam Theilen going for $30 and Jimmy Graham going for $25. Currently, our rookie draft format is that the 1.01 has an automatic salary of $50, the 1.02 has a salary of $49, the 1.03 at $48, and so on and so on. We only go through 2 rounds of a rookie draft. It’s frustrating There are only a few rookies worth having on their salary, such as Sequan, but it makes late 1st round and 2nd round draft picks worthless. What are ideas on which we can change this format to make rookies a value at their contract? If you have any questions, leave them below.

easiest would be to start how you said, 50, 49, 48, ect… then in round two have it drop 10$. so start of round 2 would be 28, 27, 26 ect… same for round 3 only have it be 5 less. so it would start 11, 10, 9 ext… then everything else after it hits 1$ be 1$. there are still major flaws with this obviously. because it changes the value of the 2.01 drastically and makes it a highly valuable pick to have. at least compaired to others. its 1st ish round talent, at a discount. the more even way would be to have it reduce by 2$ each pick. but then that gives end of the 2nd round begining of 3rd a big advantage because those would all be 1$. the only real fix for this is to change the amounts. the more money each team has in budget, the more money you can increment from.

perfect example, RSO does this, only they use the NFL per team salary. so last year each owners team had 167 million to spend. rookie salaries started at about 3.5 million and reduced at varying rates dependent on what the pick they were taken at was. so by the end of it the 4th round guys were going for about half a mil. really wel balanced way of doing it, BUT you have to change your league spending and thats tricky because then everyone has to learn a whole new budget to work with and no one would really know the value of 1 mil. at least at first.

hope these ideas help in some way, if nothing but to spark an idea for you!