Convince me on Bryan Edwards

He was just dropped and I’ve been debating grabbing him.
My WRs are Robert Woods, Allen Robinson, Hollywood and Mecole Hardman.
I have a lot of RB back ups on my bench- Pollard, Chase Edmonds, Tevin Coleman, Darrel Williams.

Should I drop a RB back up and pick him up or stay put?

I’d 100% drop Williams for him. Lots of upside and if you look at the UDK rankings Williams isn’t even on the list. Where as Edwards is Tier 9 WR. Yes he is a rookie. But I think the raiders offense is much improved and with tyrell Williams out I think Edwards has a real shot to make an impact early. Enough to be stashed on your bench to see how the first few weeks play out. If he balls out early, you could also use him as trade bait

I think the only reason I took Williams is because of the weird offseason and a rookie RB- plus the fact the I’m imagining a bunch of injuries(hammy train is going to storm through). Also read that Williams is practicing with first team as well.

But yeah that’s just speculating and preparing for a disaster when I can just have a player that could make an immediate impact.

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