Convincing a Startup dynasty league to exclude D/ST and Kickers

Hey Footclan!

My friends and I are starting a new dynasty league. We have been in a seasonal league together for several years and members have proven to be be very hesitant to any rule changes that have been proposed.

I am strongly opposed to having kickers and to a lesser extent D/STs in a dynasty format mostly because of the lack of predictability on a week-to-week/year-to-year basis (outside of a few exceptions). Also, the fact that both positions can/will be streamed on a weekly basis doesn’t really align with the general strategy of a dynasty league

Any suggestions for how I can convince my league that D/STs and more importantly Kickers do not belong in dynasty fantasy football?


They’re annoying

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Best I can do lol

If the league members are pretty set on keeping them, then I would just focus on getting one of them out rather than both. People in general are pretty adverse to change. I’d even settle for nerfing DST/K so the scoring isn’t as impactful.

It’s just alot harder to find a correlation between actual events and fantasy performance with kickers relative to other positions. With skill positions you have matchups, hot streaks, injuries, etc. With kickers it’s just is the kicker good and do you think the game will be high scoring (and even then the latter isn’t really that indicative). The amount of useful analysis that goes into skill positions is rightfully so much more than what goes into your kicker position.

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Yeah kickers are easier to get rid of that DST