Cook/ATate for Lamar/Etta Trade proposed to me

Proposed trade:
I give up Dalvin Cook and Auden Tate and get Lamar Jackson and Zach Ertz.

Full PPR

I like the idea of getting Lamar, but i already have Engram who’s back this week at TE and have streamed well when he was hurt.

Other RBs: Carson, David Johnson and Edmonds on the bench.


Not really a need for a TE with having engram. Who is your QB

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Picked up Josh Allen this week against Miami. He has a way better stretch of games coming up too with Miami twice and Washington.

I’d keep Cook.

I’m rolling allen the rest of the season. I picked up dornald also because of the match ups. Not sure I’ll play him maybe the Miami games. But for your trade I’d say no it’s not benefiting you like it would him.

Cool is your top RB with a fantastic schedule. You’re fine keeping him. And with Engram and Josh Allen you will be perfectly fine

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Thanks for the thoughts guys. I’m undefeated so it’s been a lot of trade requests trying to chip away at what has worked so far for me. Just like to think it all through

Yeah man I get it. I’m rolling with those three RBs and Engram too. If you can get Mattison that would be good just in case. Like I said the Vikings have great RB matchups RoS and he has been injury prone. But it doesn’t hurt for someone else to over pay for something you’ve got just don’t undersell anyone. If you did wanna deal cook look at either an RB upgrade (CMC) or WR upgrade. Would need a lot more with a QB even if it is Lamar