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Cook for Caff... Fandom vs. Rankings


‪Huge Vikings fan. Trying to get Cook in .5 pt Dynasty. I’ve tried every trade under the sun but the guy will only give him up for Caff. Hes throwing in a 3rd. Any way its worth it?‬



Cook could be a future every down back, while McCaffrey abilities and size lean him towards being just a throwing downs back.


I think Cook will end up being the best fantasy asset out of the 2017 class. So yes, I would do that straight up. He might have a mediocre 1st season, but he’s the future of a franchise that likes to lean on their RB. Definitely take him up on Caff and the 3rd. Bonus dart throw!


in the end it will be known if this is a good trade or not. but as of right now value for value, its a good trade for you. 2 promising young RBs getting swapped. we do not know what their true roles will end up being until a few years. and you get an added low end draft pick. if this is a player you reaaalllllly want, and you get added capitol, slam dunk.