Cook for Hill and Lewis? Hill's new evalution with Sammy in town?

I was offered Tyreek Hill and Dion Lewis in a dynasty league for D Cook. Its a 12 man league with 9 players started each week. 4 slots are flex slots and 1 is a superflex slot. I’m intrigued with the Hill as the only other proven WRs I have are AJ Green and Sterling Shepard. My proven RBs are Cook, Fournette, and M Gordon, along with Lynch. Would you accept this deal or just hold Cook? I’m worried Watkins arrival severely caps Hills ceiling. Thoughts appreciated.

I don’t think Watkins hinders Hill at all, if anything it helps. Hill will see less double coverage and can basically switch hit with Watkins on the deep routes. Not to mention, the underneath coverage will continue to be soft with Kelce manning the middle and Hunt/West coming out of the backfield. Hill can take a short throw to the house with his ability.

I think you are safe with either decision. Cook will be a stud for many years and the Mahomes/Hill combo will also be straight fire for many years. I suppose the biggest decision is whether you feel Lewis is worth the “downgrade” in value from Cook to Hill. But it’s apples and oranges.

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If this is PPR, I would very hesitantly accept. I think Hill’s value is hurt with Watkins’ arrival, but he should still be very good. Especially with his speed and Mahomes ability to throw the ball 400 yards behind his back. Deion Lewis can also have good value in PPR format.

If it is not PPR, i would decline it. I personally like having as many stud rb’s as possible, and having fournette, gordon, and cook could make you dangerous.

Good luck!

yeah do it. weak at WR and strong at RB, to get an upgrade at WR and to get an RB that could do some work for you still, thats very worth it.

I’d rather have Hill than Cooks basically regardless of where Cooks landed.

It’s for the RB D Cook, not Brandin Cooks.

thats what he meant. you can tell because he talks about cook landing somewhere. cooks aint goin anywhere lol.

Ah, that does make a bit of a difference now, doesn’t it. Sorry about that. That makes that pretty tough. What other RBs does he have?

wait you didnt mean cook?! your sentence doesnt make sense to me now haha.

Nope, I was talking about Cooks. I misread. I meant it wouldn’t have matter if Cooks was in NE, LA, or somewhere else. I’d rather have Hill. But that’s a moot point.

oh, i just realized it was my dumb ass swapping the players names in my head. im a dumbie haha.

Its 1 PPR for WR, .25 PPR and .25 PPC for RBs.

I would do this trade since it’s PPR. Especially with Fournette and M Gordon.