Cook, Hollister, Higbee week 16?

Hollister plays AZ but he hasn’t done much lately.

Cook plays TN and has been on fire with a dip last week.

Higbee has been the hottest of the three but is playing a pissed off SF and has Everett returning.

Who would you play week 16? Thanks!!

I like Hollister against AZ, especially if Everett is back.

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Anybody prefer Cook this week? He’s been awesome for a good bit double digits in full PPR most weeks.

Higbee is out for me now so it’s Cook or Hollister?

im going with hollister. everett will play

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Moral of the story…play the player and not the matchup. Played Hollister and have Higbee and Cook on the bench…

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Yep i got the everett news and played oj howard with higbee on bench

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The more I look at the analytics the worse I do. Play players and sit backups