Cook Keeper/Trade Question

12 team .5 PPR 2 keepers kept for 2 years at their round

I’m in a strange spot here with Cook going down for the year. I could slot him in my IR an hope he bounces back, but spend a 3rd rounder to keep him. The only problem is I have Hunt(3rd round), OBJ(1st), and Diggs(4th).

I’m new to keeper leagues and don’t know if he has any value to anyone. Should I try to move him to someone with a weak roster for an upgrade for this season? Or is he a drop?

In keeper leagues he is 100% NOT A DROP.

Not sure on your exact rules… But if Hunt and cook are both 3rd rounders than you can’t keep both… And I would lead Hunt over cook.

So def try and trade him to a team for something you could use in the future or a piece that could help you win or at least flex this year

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