Cook/Landry for Julio, does it improve team?

I think it’s relatively fair, but I guess my bigger question is does it make my team better? Assuming Conner plays long term then the trade off to my starting lineup is Cook/Landry vs Julio/Shady on any given week. Assuming Bell comes back and Conner isn’t usable, then Shady becomes my RB2 and it’s basically Cook/Landry vs Julio +1 of my other bench players.


i would swap marvin for landry, cook is already just as valuable as julio, and landry is miles better than marvin. if youre giving up 2 guys in this deal then you should be able to dictate 2nd piece. i think landry is too much. i would do it, but i would definitely do what i can to make it marvin and not landry in this deal from your side.