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Cook or Gurley


Any last minute thoughts on Todd Gurley or Dalvin Cook as my RB2 start this week?

My initial thoughts were Cook because better offense, Gurley was disappointing last year, and NO was very weak against the run last year. But I see that they have Gurley ranked higher here.


i like gurley but cook could have a suprise breakout game i would go with gurley just simplx off of gut feeling but i could see starting cook too is it a normal lg or ppr?


The Indy defense (and offense for that matter) is likely going to be atrocious. Gurley could have a massive week.


It’s a non-ppr league. I have switched it up to Gurley. Wish I could start both, but can’t take Shady out of the lineup.

I guess if Cook breaks out it just makes my decision easier for future weeks.


It’s a good problem to have. Honestly, I think Shady may end up as your WR3 this year, but the matchup is juicy this week.


Yeah, it’s a dynasty league and so if Shady has a hot start I might look to trade him. Far too many owners in our league get left holding the bag on an aging RB.