Cook or Higbee ROS?

Title says it all. Looking around my league for trade targets and i think Higbee could be in my wheelhouse, but wondering if he’s that much of an upgrade over Cook. 3 Td’s this week was nice but was on only 5 catches, and Cook is targeted in the red zone as well.

Jump ship on cook and try and acquire Higbee or sit pat?

Edit: Could maybe target Goedert as well

I would do that 100% he seems to be one of the rookies favorite targets and hes super talented. Cook is one Brees’ favorites but hes losing his step and the Saints dont look as good as they used to. Also, being one of Brees’ favorites means you are being several others on the team. Both are good but I bet we will see Higbee a lot going forward

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Yeah i definately like him and see the point your making, but i only hesitate because is he THAT much more of an upgrade over cook? Because he’d currently cost me a Robinson/Montgomery (guy is hurting at RB after losing mcaffrey and mostert) and i’m not sure value-wise if i’m getting that big of an upgrade. I want to target someone i think has top 7 potential and kittle, Andrews, Waller, and Kelce have all proved to be untouchable in trade offers so far.

Bumping for a second opinion, really on the fence about sending an RB2/flex for Higbee

IMHO, Higbee for Monty/Robinson is not even close to fair value in your favor.

Robinson is a solid RB2 until he proves he is not and Monty is a mid-tier RB2 with high-end RB2 upside based on his volume.

Higbee is a low-end TE1 (not saying much in garbage pail position) who will see work, but the 3 TD game is an outlier.

I would see if you could add a mid-tier RB2 or WR2 with Higbee and that will bring the value closer to middle for both teams.

Remeber he is the one desparate for RBs, make sure you get fair value in return as well.