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Cook or Hunt?


Which rookie would you feel comfortable with as your RB1 in a ppr league?


While I certainly like both guys, I would choose Hunt. Reid has always used his RBs well and the past production is what I will choose over Zimmers past.


Tough call. I’d probably lean Hunt, simply because I think he has the better shot at short yardage work, but it’s really close. Cook could get crazy volume.


Can’t go wrong with either. But if you had to choose one, I’d say Hunt. 1… you can probably get Hunt a little later than cook. Cook is going to be the primary running back, but Murray is still there. There’s no one of concern there for Hunt. I mean C. West? No one cares about him. Hunt is good for at least 15 touches, and 2-3 catches/game. Plus the goaline carries. I like Hunt here


Minnesota’s oline is crappy. I like Hunt.