Cook or Lynch?

Too many good backs. Already started Zeke and Hunt. Who’s the odd man out?

IMO Cook for sure. The saints D is bad and the way hunt played on Thursday has got to motivate Cook to come out strong. Lynch is good, but he’s also not played a real game for like 350 days or something like that.

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Good problem to have. I would most likely lean toward Cook in this case, but Beckham is injured and he could be used as a decoy…freeing up Marshall. I’m in a situation also where I’m debating between Marshall and Crowder. I was planning on playing Crowder all the way, but his injury and Beckham’s might have me put Marshall in. Good luck!

Yeah I agree Id say cook

Because of Hunt’s huge day, you can likely afford to go with Cook regardless of the outcome. Lynch is a wild card until we see him for a full game, but he does have the better o-line.