Cook or McKinnon

In a 10 team keeper. Most RB are off the board already. If Gordon doesn’t fall to me at 7, I’m stuck between Dalvin and McKinnon. Full PPR.

Cook, Mckinnon isn’t a guaranteed workhorse and is injured right now. Mckinnon also has shown no ability to handle a workhorse level workload. Cook has shown consistent production, but definitely has downside with the loss of Shurmur and some increased workload for Latavius Murray. Ultimately they’re not that far apart but in any format I personally prefer Cook to Mckinnon.

My only hangup is that I lost cook so early last year and knee knee injuries aren’t fun to risk

ACLs aren’t as big of a deal as they used to be. So long as he doesn’t push it coming back to soon and re-injure it (and he’s already pretty close to past that point). I lost him last year too so I understand the hesitancy. Either one is a good choice, I just think McKinnon has a range of outcomes with a much worse downside. Cook could disappoint without injury but even that should be better than McKinnons downside which is getting benched entirely (which has happened to him twice in a workhorse role). Once to Matt Freaking Asiata.

Neither is a bad pick here though. I would personally take Mixon or Freeman over McKinnon too, so I may be lower on him than most.

I actually am contemplating Freeman there as well

I think he’s undervalued this year, provided he can stay healthy. He was the RB13 last year in 13 games. It seemed like a down year because of the injury but there really haven’t been many changes to their team to make me think that he should lose touches. The dude gets a lot of receiving work and will probably be in the 225 to 250 carry range this year if healthy.

My only thought tho is at pick 7 in a 10 team I might be able to get Freeman on the turn. Then I’m stuck wondering if I go Best available WR in 1. Then take Freeman (mccaffery kept in 3rd)

Wait your pick 7. I completely missed that. How many keepers?

2 keepers. No round blocks tho so Gurley, Johnson, Bell, zeke, kamara, fournette and hunt are all off the board

cook. knee injury or not, his work load is assured. mckinnon still has really good upside, but his floor is a complete bust. cook, not including injury, should in no world finish below and RB2. is the knee concerning, yes. but so is mckinnons current knee injury, the current depth chart, the signing of Alfred morris… he has plenty going agaisnt him. even before all of this i had cook ahead of him. now its solidly ahead.

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I agree with what you are seeing from others here. IMHO, I would go Cook since other folks have kept players. I do not think he comes back next round, and you might still have a shot at McKinnon / Freeman.

Every player has concerns. I try to keep that in mind. There are not perfect picks. I would look at potential usage and keep worst case at the back of mind. Cook to me has great upside, but I would not mind Freeman there either. McKinnon I really like, but of those I think he has a bit more risk.

So there’s still Gordon, Cook, Howard, Freeman, and Barkley of the top guys?

Because of these 5 I’d definitely take Howard, Barkley and Gordon over Cook. Recently I’ve been hearing more about a potential timeshare and they’re taking it more cautiously than I’d like. Still a top 12 guy for me but Freeman is probably where I start to go back and forth between the two.

Don’t forget about the line woes in Minnesota. I’d pray one of those other guys fell to me. If I had to take one it would be Cook, but I wouldn’t feel great about it.

Based on where he’s drafting I’d say one of those 5 would have to fall to you. In which case I’m with you.