Cook over Ertz This Week

I am in a standard scoring league. What do you think about starting Jared Cook over Zach Ertz this week? I am just looking at their matchups (Ertz vs Chicago and Cook vs Denver). Ertz going against a team in the top 3 against TEs and Cook going against a team in the bottom 3 against TEs. Ertz has been good to me this year (although not so much lately) and it’s hard to go away from him with that Eagles offense clicking so well lately and the Raiders offense being so hit and miss. Thoughts?

I have Ertz and Derek Carr, not Cook but I have been seeing his stats all year. I would be wary of ANY tight end rankings in any manner. They are all very deceiving. There are only so many good tight ends. Ertz had a bad week, but it was off a bye and returning from injury. He did have a chance at a 2 point conversion but apparently dropped it, but still getting end zone looks.

I have been going for a ride on the Derek Carr Experience all season. Its been a stressful journey. Cook has good an bad games. Very inconsistent, whereas besides last week Ertz has arguably been the most consistent fantasy player at any position. Chicago is tough to run on, and they have not played any top level TE. The only player close to a top TE to play them was Kyle Rudolph and he scored. Roll with Ertz. Maybe throw Cook in your flex.

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Thanks for the input! You definitely put a little more thought into than I have. I think I’ll be rolling with Ertz as you say.

Glad to help, hope you win this week.

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Start Ertz