Cook/Saquon Keeper Question

Here is the situation. Our league has 2 keeper option. it is a 12 team .5 ppr league. If you don’t have 2 keepers you draft in your “3rd round” draft position in the second round followed by normal drafting in the 3rd round and beyond. Ex. if you have the 2nd pick, you would be able to draft in round 2 at the 2nd pick if you dont have a second keeper and then once it goes through the first 2 rounds, the rest of the league that has two keepers joins back in.

the situation. I have the 3rd pick. my current keepers are Lev Bell and Dalvin Cook. Two very worthy selections. the guy that picks at 1 has fournette and zeke. the second pick team is keeping adams and mike evans. i have prime opportunity to not keep dalvin and get saquon in the second round and have leveon and saquon as my two keepers.

do you think saquon is going to be head and shoulders above dalvin this year? the vikings will have more positive game scripts for dalvin. i am not sure the giants defense will give many to saquon. i am worried that i am giving up the sure fire work horse that has a great defense to help him for the shiny prize of saquon without properly seeing what could blow up in my face. please help advise! Thanks!

Saquan Barkley is a home run waiting to happen. He should get plenty of touches via the ground as well as the air. His combine was off the charts, as is his resume. Tremendous upside here. Heck, if Zeke, David J and Kamara can put up high #s early in their careers, there’s no reason to believe Barkley can’t flourish in the NFL.

If you are certain you can get Barkley, I would definitely do so. You only have a 5 game sample with Cook as well and he has injury concerns which Barkley does not have. Also not having a great defense isn’t as big of a problem given how barkley will be used in the passing game. Pairing Bell and Saquon is a very strong combo.

Put another way, in a redraft, I am taking barkley well above cook anyways.