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Cook trade for AB


Who wins this trade team A gives up Antonio Brown
and receives Cook and Royce Freeman from Team B


The team receiving AB wins all day!


That’s what I’m thinking also. It leaves me with CMC and Henry as my lead backs but I also have tevin Coleman and foreman when he gets healthy. I already have Keenan and Hopkins so I’m going after rostering the top WRs and still having a decent RB squad


Definitely leaves you thin at RB but that is a solid WR list. I would do it despite you giving up youth at RB.


The AB owner wants to keep AB but wants to trade JUJU for Royce. With JuJU being so young I can’t pass it up. Plus I keep Cook so I’m not so weak at RB.


I would trade royce for juju. Get a known over an unknown and a potential stud at that.