Cook Trade! Urgent

Offering Cook, Marquise Brown, and Mike Evans for Zeke, Odell, and Gurley

other option is Cook, Marquise Brown, and Niners D for Zeke and Odell

Yes or no???

I like the second option much more. You can pick up a defense on waivers. Plus I feel like Odell will eventually get going in the right time. I’m just not solid gurley is going to be the same.

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Yeah I was thinking the same. The thing is that if I get Gurley I can pair him with Brandin cooks to try to get Bell. But there is also a chance the other guy won’t take the trade

But Gurley has also been looking better. He had more rushing yards on his last game than previously. Maybe now they will use him more?

That was against the Atlanta Falcons though, so take that with a grain of salt.

so you would also prefer the second trade?

Not really, Gurley is just getting the juicy carries and he just walks in TDs. Just don’t trust the yardage numberes. If it makes your team better I would probably trade for the Gurley deal. You are getting two of the highest scoring RBs available.

The only player I wouldn’t straight up trade for is Zeke for Cook… but it would be close. So I would do the first one.

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Thanks appreciate the reply!

I think it depends on your team… I like both trades, if you need the RB help go with the first one

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Yeah sadly I lost kerryon. So I think that one is better. Specially since Zeke has a bye

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Second trade for sure. Not even close IMHO. I hope it works out for you!