Cook vs Barkley dynasty

Would you rather have cook or Barkley in a dynasty? I have cook right now but the Barkley owner just sent me a trade cook for Barkley straight up. Should I do it?

I wouldn’t, Barkley is much more injury prone than Cook is. Plus, Cook is on a much better offense that is trying to win-now. You might get an extra year or two in longevity in Barkley (if he can somehow stay healthy) but Cook is the better player, especially if you’re trying to win now.

PS - I am a Cook owner in dynasty and wouldn’t do this trade.

I don’t think Barkley is Injury prone. I can only recall one injury last year…ACL tear. But maybe I’m blocking something out? Either way, Dalvin Cook would probably be my choice also.

His only full season was his rookie year, in 2019 he played 13 games, and then 2 last year before the acl+mcl tear