Cook vs Chubb

Im in a 14-team NON-ppr league and have the 14th pick. My thought is ill be staring at a top WR and would like to pair him with a back end RB1 and believe it will be either Cook or Chubb on the board. Who do you guys like more and why?

PS I’m really hoping L Bell is gone before my pick because I really dont want to draft him this year :joy:

I think you know but Chubb’s stock just got a big bump. He’s probably doing well in receiving otherwise why trade Duke. Chubb now has the potential to be a top 5 finisher IMO.

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yea i think that news sways me quite a bit lol

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I’ve been a big believer in Chubb since last season when I traded away OBJ to get him. He and Michel gave me a good 1-2 punch to get to the playoffs.

I think with the improvements that Cleveland has made this offseason, and with the Johnson trade, Chubb is their number one back, and will take the lions share of the rushing attempts as well as add in the receptions from Johnson and become the versatile back worthy of a first round pick.

id say with todays news he’s no longer going to be available at 14. Might be a WR-WR start for your boy!

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for me, i prefer Chubb. my narrative for chubb igoes as follows… i honestly dont want him for where he is being draft, with kareem hunt in the wing waiting to take a large share of the backfield in playoff time. i dont see duke leaving being a benefit for chubb, cause i see him tearing it up even with duke on the team, i see chubb bein a force for the first half of the season. and im just not a fan of where you have to draft cook cause i dont have confidence in him staying healthy. he feels like the fournette of last year. so much potential, too much injury risk.

so my real choice is neither. i love chubb and if hunt isnt there, he is borderline 1st round pick to me. but you cant tell me that chubb wont see a drop once kareem is there and ready. he will, which isnt an indictment to chubb and his ability, but its a nod to how damn GOOD hunt is. i see chubb going from about 75% snap count, dropping to 50% with hunt. thats a big hit that i dont want during the playoffs.

but i digress, the answer for me to your question is between the 2, its chubb all day long.

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Hunt will be gone for so long though. He also can’t practice so it won’t be some instant insertion. Then the coaches are very high on Dontrell Hilliard. They love the guy and probably why they dump Duke.

If they develop into a duo which, it looks like they will, why would the Browns tinker with it much. When players are gone that long it takes a game or two from what I have seen. By that time it will be week 12. Chubb will still get the GL work so it’s nothing to worry about.

All good points to bring up, but my ideas behind it are once fantasy playoffs start, he will be in full swing. So I agree with week 12 will be his come back time.

As for why tinker with it, that’s pretty easy to explain too. They brought on an elite talent at RB to use him, not to let him ride the pine. I would be stunned if they dont get him in there close to 40% of the time. Plus if they are winning, to the point of playoff bound they will want to keep their guys fresh. That’s why depth is so important for football. Coaches dont care about FFB, which they shouldnt. So we as players have to factor stuff like that in. Like having 2 stud RBs to work with to really punish teams.

In the end, this is just what I believe to be true. I could easily be wrong and chubb is just a force to deal with the whole year(secretly nervous this is the truth since I wont have chubb in any leagues) . I just want my second round pick to be someone I can rely on all year. And with chubb, you do have to stop and wonder… what happens once Kareem comes back and balls out? So it’s just risk aversion for me, that’s all.

I do think there is a strong possible Hunt changes the dynamics of the playoffs but it’s so far away.

Plenty of time to work the waiver and land another RB. I actually got Chubb last season because of that volatility at the RB position. If Hunt was returning earlier, yeah that is a problem but there are about 10 weeks to tinker around and find another RB if Chubb starts fading.

Completely agree with that. I got chubb and mack late last year doing that. I just prefer to avoid the potential misses and out bids late that in my mind o would be relying on. So for sure I’m not down talking anyone that takes chubb, just my preference. Although that’s an excellent point, and I might have to take him in a league now just to see if I can make it work haha.