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Cookies and Kareem! Need help/Footclan Advice!


Should I try and Grab Kareem!!! If so what trade combo? Mybe Gurely for Kareem or Kelvin Benjamin and Mixon? Need some expert advice!

My Team ------- There Team

QB Kirk Cousins --------- Drew Brees
RB Todd Gurley --------- Isaiah Crowell
RB Christian McCaffrey ---- Kareem Hunt
RB/WR Adam Thielen ------ Pierre Garcon
WR Jordy Nelson --------- Brandon Cooks
WR DeVante Parker ------ Ted Ginn Jr.
TE Jason Witten -------------- Jack Doyle
FLEX Tarik Cohen (drafted him) ------ Eric Decker

Kelvin Benjamin -------- Mike Evans
Joe Mixon ---------------- Matt Forte
Rishard Matthews ------ Legarrette Blount
Corey Coleman -------- Jacquizz Rodgers
Alvin Kamara ---------- Kendall Wright
Marvin Jones ----------- Roby Anderson
James Connor ---------- Sam Bradford


I would try Gurley and Marvin Jones.


This seems like a rather significant over reaction. Hunt looked good, but he frankly didn’t look special. NE’s defense looked pathetic. 3 of Hunt’s most impactful plays came from the defense falling flat in its face: 1) PI set up his goal line TD; 2) NE put a DE on him in coverage (shocker, he got burned deep); 3) KC completely steamrolled the entire NE front 7 to allow Hunt a free lane forn 58 yards. He didn’t look particularly fast, quick, or sudden, and he didn’t make any great cuts that I saw. What he did do was show good power, and excellent balance. He’s a good RB, snd is in an excellent system for RBs, but we need to tap the breaks hard on this hype.

This may be a good trade, but I want to see more of Gurley in a real offensive scheme before I ship him off, and I want Hunt to prove he’s not a one hit wonder (I don’t think he is, but this is very likely to be the best week if his career) before I pay up for him.


Great insight! Thank you for the help!


I don’t think offering up Kelvin and Mixon is a bad idea. You should at least try it and make them say no.


I agree. That’s a trade I’d do.