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Cookin Up Somethin' Good?


Hey there,
New player here in a 10 team standard league, any help would be much appreciated.

I’m trying to get a couple pieces moving in my league. I have on my team:

RB: Gurley, Hunt, Fournette, Stewart and Rodgers
WR: Julio, Martavis, Decker, Moncrief, Ginn Jr, Shepard

I’d like to make a couple of moves.

First, one of the other teams in the league autodrafted and got 3 rbs including Woodhead and tons of receivers including:
Michael Thomas

If you were me which one of these receivers would you target and what would you give up?

Second, I’m also trying to do a Doug Martin for WR swap with another team in the league, who would you give for Martin?

Thanks for any help